Bridging the Past and the Future

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In Historic Dublin this past weekend, there was a bustle of activity.  “Bridging Time” events occurred all weekend to connect community members with all the new happenings, and past ones, in the hub of Dublin – by the Bridge.  The Dublin Arts Council helped to form and vet a committee of community members representing many facets of life in Dublin to flesh out names, events, future public art ideas etc. to enhance and embrace the new Bridge Street District.  All this planning is in its infancy, and many voices are being raised and heard.

The events to attract folks to this event included films and tours of the Historic District by Historical Society Members, Shuttle bus Tours of some of the new properties under construction, architectural drawings and renderings of the new district and pedestrian bridge, and fun things like photo opportunities with a tricked out DeLorean vehicle from “Back to the Future”, as well as an actor from the movie.  Also available was an actor dressed similarly to T.V.s “Dr. Who” with a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) machine that looks like an antique phone booth from England.


People could pose with the actors and look at the props, and hold up a slate with what they remember about Dublin’s past, and what they think will be there in the future.  In addition, there was a Plein Air painting contest put on by the Dublin Area Art League, and an Art Stroll with children’s artwork from K – 12.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very cooperative.

Being involved with the Art Council’s “Bridging Time” committee and the Plein Air painting contest, I was asked to be present for a live T.V. segment shot for Good Morning Columbus.  Schlepping paint supplies and raingear and painting in front of a live camera wasn’t my idea of a restful morning – especially since it aired at 7:15 AM, but there were some definite benefits.  I got to start my painting early and finish it early so I could enjoy other activities going on,  like meeting and getting to know Harry Walls, the Back to the Future actor who was in Chuck Berry’s band in the movie.


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I hope everyone gets a chance to see ALL of the finished amazing artworks completed in the 6 hour time allowed in the contest.  The pieces are in the BACK of Dick Blicks on a gallery wall, getting judged by Michael McEwan.

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