You Need to know who Alan Cottrill is…..


  [caption id="attachment_886" align="alignleft" width="640"] Alan Cottrill at work in his Zanesville Studio[/caption] During a recent "staycation" in Ohio, my husband and I traveled to Zan [...]

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“Try Out Encaustics!” Workshop


I was awarded a Greater Columbus Arts Council Artist's Supply Grant this Summer to teach Encaustics.  On Saturday, July 16th, was the first of two workshops I offered at the Columbus Cultural Art [...]

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Bridging the Past and the Future

In Historic Dublin this past weekend, there was a bustle of activity.  "Bridging Time" events occurred all weekend to connect community members with all the new happenings, and past ones, in the [...]

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New Zealand’s Maori Cultural Art Influence

New Zealand's indigenous people were different from Australia's in every way.  The Aboriginal people were native to Australia and are perhaps one of the oldest cultures on Earth at present time. [...]

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Artful Fashion

While in Sydney, my husband and I stumbled upon several interesting lobby displays at a trendy hotel.  It was sleek and sophisticated.  In the cases were some very fun clothing items created out [...]

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Need Some Nice Cards?

It's always nice to have some extra cards on hand to send out, especially of paintings.  The six that I've just gotten printed up show work I've completed in the past two years.  Some you may ha [...]

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