Painting Historic Dublin

In the "zone"

Boy did we ever luck out with the weather!  Those weathermen all predicted 70% chance of storms for our 7th annual Dublin Paint Out on Sat. June 29th.  Kar Shepherd was out with her camera and was nice enough to share her photos of the event.  We had a small but very energetic group of 11 artists participate in the contest, which is presently hanging at the Dublin Library at 75 N. High St. in Historic Dublin until July 13th.  I painted the annexed portion of Ha’penny Bridge Irish Imports and won an honorable mention!  I always find this activity to be daunting – one day to complete my impression of something.  I always pick a complex subject, so I’m shooting myself in the foot every year trying to perfect details – a definite no no in plein air work.  Regardless, I was fairly happy with my completed piece – even though I didn’t pack a tube of orange or a good red and yellow to make the gorgeous tiger lilies in full bloom!

I have a high opinion of artists who do this often – for there are all sorts of things to distract you when you plein air paint.  Ants, gnats, persistent horseflies, and for me, birds pooping mulberries on me!  Good thing I had the hat – oh, and direct sun for 6 hours!   There were many visitors stopping by to ask questions and little budding artists coming closer for a good look – which for me was very fun.  Guess I’ll try to get out more often to do this so I feel more comfortable in the future.

Capturing the light

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